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Social Fund Reforms

What changes have happened to Social Funds?

The following discretionary elements of the Social Fund were abolished in April 2013

  • Community Care Grants
  • Crisis Loans

What has replaced these changes to Social Funds?

The above elements to Social Fund were replaced by a Local Welfare Assistance Scheme designed and run by local councils, to help the most vulnerable individuals and families in their area.

Have there been any other changes to Social Funds?

Payments made for Crisis Loans where there is an issue with benefits will now be run by the DWP under a new national scheme of Short Term Advances.

A budgeting Loan used for specific costs such as for advance rent, clothing or furniture will still be available until Universal Credit is introduced in October 2013.

When Universal Credit is introduced, a new system of Budgeting Advances will be introduced to replace the Budgeting Loan.

Further Support

For more information, you can speak to your local council.

Also, the Money Advice Service has information on the funds and how you can qualify.

Getting prepared

This funding will eventually stop. Check with your local council to see if this still applies. You can speak to your local council here.

For help and advice on preparing for the changes to benefits, check out our Getting prepared section.