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Wood burners and other solid-fuel heaters remain increasingly popular and we receive several applications a year asking for permission to install them in our homes.

However, it is our policy to refuse all requests for any open flued appliance that burns wood, coal, coke or gas due to the high level of risk that is associated with them. These appliances can produce carbon monoxide especially if they have been poorly installed, have been poorly maintained or are used incorrectly.

There is also an increased risk of fire with an appliance that has an open flame. For these reasons we will not grant permission for any new solid fuel burners in our homes.

Please note - if we find any unauthorised wood burners or gas fires in our properties we will ask you to remove it at your own expense.

We’re committed to improving the energy efficiency of our homes and provide appropriate heating systems in our properties and ensure they are all inspected and maintained regularly. If you’re experiencing any issues with your heating system please contact us.