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Moving into a new home can take a lot of organisation. We want to help you to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

Check out these tips below to make sure you have covered all bases:

Wait until you move in before moving furniture

The date you will be given to move into your new home can change. Make sure you book any appointments, such as carpet fitting and furniture delivery, after you have moved into your home.

Find empty boxes

You may need to use boxes to pack up your belongings. You can usually find free empty boxes at your local supermarket, or why not ask your family and friends?

You may also find free empty boxes in your area using Freecycle.

Start packing

Make sure you start packing in advance and look at which items you need to pack first. To avoid any last minute stress, start packing two weeks before your moving date.

Redirect your post

You might still have post coming to your old address. Contact the post office to get your post re-directed. A fee will apply. You can do this online here.

Change your address

Now you’re set up at your new home, make sure you let everyone you pay a bill to know that you have a new address:

If you receive Housing Benefit, you will also need to advise them of a change of address.

Dispose of your empty boxes

Now that you have put away all your belongings, what about your empty boxes? Find your local recycling centre here.

Looking for inexpensive furniture?

Check out our guide on finding and donating furniture here.

Sign up for Contents Insurance

You never know what might happen in your home. If you have a leak or accidental damage, you will need to protect your belongings. We don’t insure your contents for you, so it’s really important that you get cover.

We provide affordable contents insurance cover through ‘This is my home’. You can find out more about the scheme and how to sign up here.

Make sure you vote

Keep your right to vote when you move home. Register here.

Say hello to your new neighbours!

Introduce yourself to your neighbours - being part of a community is great.

If you’re a bit shy, just pop a note through the door to introduce yourself. Looking to break the ice? Why not ask when the bins are collected.

If you have any queries or concerns once you have moved into your new home, check out the different ways you can contact us.