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Want to transfer

If you're a Bromford customer and want to move to another Bromford home, a different association or landlord, you can apply for a transfer using a 'choice based lettings scheme'.

To be eligible to transfer to another home you will need to:

  • Be registered on a choice-based lettings scheme.
  • Have no rent arrears.
  • Have no outstanding repairs that you are responsible for.
  • Have no unresolved breaches of your tenancy agreement.

How does it work?

Our homes are available through choice-based lettings schemes and are often run by local councils and have several housing providers who are members of this scheme. This means that you can see other housing associations and councils' homes in one place.

All choice-based letting schemes are internet-based so if you don't have access to the internet at home, you can usually get access at your local council office, libraries or ask your housing manager for advice.

How do choice-based lettings schemes work?

Each choice-based scheme is slightly different, but they all aim to offer choice and transparency.

Homes are advertised by the landlords and each advertisement provides information about the property and the criteria you will have to meet to bid for the home. Once registered, you can apply (or bid) for available homes that suit you and your housing needs and you meet the criteria for. It is important you read the advert thoroughly because if you do not meet the criteria your bid may be blocked.

Each week there is feedback on the website giving details of successful bids.

Once bidding has closed on a property, if you have been successful and it is a Bromford property, we will then contact you by phone. We will then arrange to visit you at your current home and invite you to view the property before you make your decision.


Want a smaller home?

In April 2013, the Government made some changes to what size home customers should have if they are in receipt of Housing Benefit. You can see the changes in our dedicated section.

If under these changes your home is too big and you want to move we may be able to offer you some advice about how you can get priority within the various choice-based lettings schemes. Please contact us if this applies to you.

To find your local choice-based lettings service use our search.

Have you found a new home?

Moving home can be stressful. There are many people and companies you will need to inform of your new address. Use our guide to help make the process easier here.