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What to do if a customer passes away

Firstly, we are sorry for your loss. We're sure this will be a difficult time for you and we are here to help make the transition of the tenancy as simple as possible.

You will need to…

  • Confirm whether you are the next of kin / executors of the estate. If not, you will need to tell us who this is and their contact details.
  • Provide us with a copy of the Death Certificate. 
  • Arrange for any belongings in the property to be removed.

 You need to know…

  • If we do not receive notice from the executors of the estate or if there is no Will, we will serve a 'Notice to Quit' at the property and send a copy to the Public Trustee to bring the tenancy to an end. 
  • The rent is due on the property until the tenancy is finished.
  • Any housing benefit will finish from the date of death.

Can I or a family member take on the tenancy?

  • Depending on the circumstances, you or a family member may be able to take over the tenancy.  This is known as Succession. If you wish to discuss this further, make sure you contact us.

Customer unable to live in the property

If the customer has had to move from the property, for example due to moving into a care home, the following process will happen:

  • The customer will need to give 28 days' notice in writing to end the tenancy.
  • If the customer is unable to give notice in writing, a next of kin can provide the letter with a signature from the customer
  • If the customer is unable to provide a signature then there must be a power of attorney or other legal power in place that gives power to the next of kin or other legal representative.

 If you have any further questions, then contact us.