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We are currently in the process of selecting a new contractor to work with us to manage our tree repairs. During this time we are only able to carry out emergency tree works, such as where there is immediate danger and risk to property or people, or where a tree has already collapsed and has caused damage.

We would appreciate it if you only request work to be carried out that is an emergency for the time being.

Emergency repairs

We will attend if:

  • A tree has fallen over
  • Is causing an obstruction
  • Poses a risk of injury to a person or damage to a property.

To report a tree as an emergency, call us on 0330 1234 034.

We will carry out a risk assessment based on your report and if necessary will refer your report to our arboriculturist for them to action.

Where trees are touching power cables, we may need to contact your electricity supplier, so please have their details to hand.

What we won't do

There are different repairs to trees that we won’t carry out. These include if a tree is:

  • causing a loss of light to your home
  • causing an obstruction to a view
  • interfering with private vegetation
  • obstructing utility cables – these are the responsibility of the utility company and you should contact them
  • experiencing minor or seasonal issues such as dripping sap, bird droppings, falling leaves/fruit/flowers
  • having an effect on TV or mobile phone reception – you may find that repositioning your satellite dish may provide a solution
  • is from a privately-owned garden and overhanging into your garden.


If you have a tree that is overhanging into a neighbouring property, it will not be pruned unless there is a particular risk associated with the overhang. If you’re a property owner, you are legally entitled to cut back any branches overhanging your property as long as the tree is not subject to a tree preservation order.

If you wish to report a dangerous tree please contact us on 0330 1234 034.