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Check your heating for the winter

The summer is in full swing but just around the corner, autumn and winter is coming. It may sound like an odd time to talk about your heating, but in only a few weeks time the nights will start to draw in and the weather will feel cooler.

Now is the best time to check your heating so you don’t feel the effects of the winter.

Turn on your heating

You might not need to use your heating, but checking that it is working now could help you from being left in the cold when winter comes.

Check your heating is in working order by doing the following:

  • Turn your heating on
  • Turn the thermostat up to 30 degrees and leave for half hour only.
  • Check that your radiators are warming up
  • Check your timer to see if this is working

If your boiler isn’t working, sometimes it can be an easy fix. Check out our 'Boiler Breakdown' video to see if you can quickly fix the fault.

Is something not working? Then call us on 0330 1234 034 and book in an appointment. Let us fix your heating in time for the winter.

Gas Service

You may have received a letter recently about arranging a gas service appointment. These appointments are to check your boiler or solid fuel appliance and your smoke alarms once a year to ensure that your home is safe and your appliances are in good working order.

It also gives us an opportunity ce to find faults and to fix them  before they cause your boiler to fail.  It is a legal requirement that these checks are completed so it’s very important that you book an appointment when asked to and make sure you are at home when the engineer calls. If you’re not at home when we attend, we may need to cap your gas to make sure your home is safe and you can be charged for uncapping.

You can see what happens and what we look for in our Gas Service video below.

If you receive a call or letter about a gas safety check, don’t delay, call 0330 1234 034 to arrange an appointment.

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