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  • The absence of information on this register does not indicate the property is free from asbestos. It may mean the property has not yet been surveyed or only part of the property has been surveyed. The register only provides an indication on the presence of asbestos containing materials and therefore where there is an absence of data then it should be presumed asbestos could be present.

    A request for an asbestos survey should be made prior to work which could potentially disturb as yet un-identified asbestos materials.

    Requests for an asbestos survey or additional information

    We ask, where possible, that you go through the Surveyor responsible for managing your contract and that the Surveyor makes contact with us via the Bromford asbestos mailbox or alternatively using the form below.

    The register represents the latest information available on the presence of Asbestos Containing Materials within properties owned by Bromford Group. Information will be added on regular basis as additional surveys are completed.

    Emergency contact details:

    DMW: Surveys and Samples only

    Duty Officer: 07714137366

    Shield Environmental: Asbestos Removal

    Director - Julian House - 07836518206

    Contracts Manager - Dean Humphreys - 07766013582 (South Region)

    Contracts Manager - Carl Johnson - 07825908136 (North Region)   

    If you have read/accept the above conditions, please:

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  • As detailed within contract / framework agreement documents you may be responsible for making yourself familiar with some or all of our policies listed below. The following policies are available within a secure restricted area of our website.

    Asbestos Policy / Compensation Policy / Complaints policy / Contractors Code of Conduct Policy / Information Governance Policy / Investment in Existing Homes Policy / Probity Policy / Safety & Wellbeing Policy

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    Please note: Access to these documents is strictly given in accordance with the Confidentiality Clause as stated in the contract / framework agreement documents and any distribution / usage must be strictly in accordance with the terms of the contract.

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