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We’re a housing association that for the past 60 years has provided affordable homes for people who can’t access market housing. But it’s not just about the homes, we care about the people who live in them as well, which is why our purpose is to invest in homes and relationships so people can thrive. Through our neighbourhood coaching approach we have individual relationships with more than 110,000 customers living in our existing 46,000 homes. And we plan to do more. Over the seven years to 2030 we plan to build a further  11,000 new houses, bungalows and apartments, providing homes to thousands more people.

We care about the people who live in our homes and want each of them to be able to achieve their goals in life. We know this will be different for each customer but want to do what we can to help them to thrive.

The Bromford Strategy sets out our course for how we will do this, not just for the four years to 2027 but for many years to come. We will take a place-based approach to tailoring how we work to the needs and aspirations of the individual communities in which we work. And we will use our size, our influence and our resources to maximise the social and economic impact we have in these places.

Our core business

We describe our core business as the primary activities that define us and the main reason for which we exist. We deliver our core business across our entire operating area. Our core business is:

  • the management of social and affordable housing
  • the maintenance of social and affordable housing and associated facilities including garages
  • neighbourhood coaching
  • development of social and affordable rented homes
  • development of shared ownership homes

We also provide value-added activities in places where we have a high concentration of homes, usually in partnership with other organisations. These activities include:

  • new supported or specialist housing for the elderly or disabled
  • investment in health, wellbeing, employability or education initiatives
  • properties for sale as part of a mixed income, mixed tenure scheme – including retirement living
  • market sale simply for profit

Our customers

Our customers are the people who live in our homes and also those who rent our garages or commercial buildings or who buy one of our homes. Our customers live in 39 local authority areas across the West of England and West Midlands. But more than half of these live in four local authority areas, South Gloucestershire, Tewkesbury, Cotswold and Lichfield. We are the main provider of social housing in these four areas and work in partnership with other organisations to support people to thrive.

A key part of this is about the development of new homes. Over the course of the four years to 2027 our goal is to be the biggest developer of affordable homes in Gloucestershire and throughout the wider M5 corridor. We will continue to develop new homes across a wider area that also includes the West Midlands and West of England Combined Authority regions.

Our strategic focus

We have eight objectives that will turn our purpose into action over the four years to 2027. These are:

  • place-based working
  • relationships that support customer aspiration
  • our move to scale
  • home standard – closing the gap
  • proactive maintenance and compliance
  • agile working to solve problems
  • place-based pipeline of talent
  • known as a leader and influencer

You can read more about these objectives and how we will measure our success against them in the Bromford Strategy.