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We are a housing association; we exist to provide affordable homes for people who can’t access market housing. We’re committed to providing safe, secure and warm homes, but also care about the people who live in our homes. 

Our core business
We describe our core business as the primary activities that define us and the main reason for which we exist. We deliver our core business across our entire operating area. Our core business is:

  • the management of social and affordable housing
  • the maintenance of social and affordable housing and associated facilities including garages
  • neighbourhood coaching
  • development of social and affordable rented homes
  • development of shared ownership homes

We also provide value-added activities in places where we have a high concentration of homes, usually in partnership with other organisations. These activities include:

  • new supported or specialist housing for the elderly or disabled
  • investment in health, wellbeing, employability or education initiatives
  • properties for sale as part of a mixed income, mixed tenure scheme – including retirement living
  • housing-related support contracts
  • market sale, helping generate profit for us to reinvest in our core business

Where our current, future and aspiring customers live
Around 53% of our customers live in just four local authority areas – Lichfield, Tewkesbury, Cotswolds and South Gloucestershire. These are the places where we are the majority social landlord and own up to 80% of all the affordable homes. We think this places a responsibility on us to play our part in the wider success of these places and we will actively look to develop a leadership role.

Over the period 2018 to 2028, our goal is to build 14,000 new homes and at least 50% of these new homes will be built in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire.

Our strategic focus until the end of 2023
We have five strategic areas that we are focusing on in the period until the end of 2023 and have set ourselves goals in each of these areas. You can take a look at each of these in the boxes below:


Click on the link below to view our Strategy. Alternatively, we have created a light version of our strategy 2019-2023