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Rechargeable repairs

If you have caused damage to your home, whether accidental or on purpose, it is your responsibility to put this right. You may carry out these works yourself if you feel capable of doing so. Otherwise you should look to hire a skilled professional.

You are responsible for all costs. If any damage means your home is insecure, we can arrange for the area to be made safe. Please be aware that you will be re-charged. We will not re-glaze any damaged windows. If you wish, you can secure the property yourself or hire a skilled professional.

Many councils run a trader register of contractors and local businesses. Trade register also have their own site where you can search for contractors and locals businesses. Find out if your area is covered  

Below is list of the costs we charge for repairs in your home

Repair                   Cost (excluding VAT)                                        

Blocked drain/waste

Repair kitchen door/drawer

Turning gas back on following capping


Replace small single glazed window

Replace electrical switch, outlet or pendant


Replace medium single glazed window

Replace internal door

Lock change for door/gain access

Remove small quantity of rubbish i.e bags


Replace small double glazed window

Replace large single glazed window

Replace basin

Replace kitchen door/drawer

Re-hang radiator


Replace medium or large doubled glazed window

Replace toilet

Remove large quantity of rubbish (i.e skip/van load)

Disconnect and remove illegal wiring and electrical accessories & reinstate wiring


Replace bath


Replace front/back door/fire doors



*Please note: These costs are without VAT. This will be applied also.

Criminal damage

If part of your property has been damaged by a stranger or maliciously, then we will repair these items for you. Firstly, you must report this to the police and obtain a crime reference number. We need this number to carry out the repair.

If your home is unsecure due to this damage or is posing a health & safety risk, then we will make this safe for you. Please call 0330 1234 034 to raise this repair.

If the emergency services need to force access to your property due to medical reasons, we will carry out any repairs required. If forced access has been required which is not due to welfare reasons, i.e the police, you will be responsible for carrying out any repairs needed.

If any of the contents in your home have been damaged or stolen, such as your TV, carpets, jewellery, then you will need to claim this through your contents insurance. Find out more about low rate contents insurance.