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Our planned improvements

As your rented home gets older we may need to improve or replace items including kitchens, bathrooms, central heating and double glazed windows and doors.

When your home is due for any improvement works, we'll let you know what work we are planning, when it is likely to happen and who will do it. In the unlikely event the dates are changed, we'll keep you fully informed. Depending on what's involved, we may discuss the work in more detail and ask you to pick choices.

We'll aim to visit your home every five years to carry out a routine inspection and maintenance. At the same time, an assessment is made of the condition of key components such as the kitchen, bathroom and windows which gives us information to decide on when these may need replacing on a planned programme of works.

If you have a question about our planned improvements - take a look through the FAQs below. 

If you are a homeowner living in a property with communal or shared areas, we may also consult you before we enter into a new contract to carry out substantial works to the structure or communal areas in the building or for services included in your service charge.

Central heating and solid fuel heating

We strive to have a full central heating system in all of our rented properties. If you currently have:

  • No or a partial system and would like to be considered for a full system or
  • Solid fuel heating and would like to be considered for either gas (where available) or electric central heating

Please contact us on 0330 1234 034.

Your questions answered...

You may be wondering when a replacement is due in your home? Or when you will be contacted for works to be carried out. Take a look through our frequently asked questions below.

  • During your annual gas service and five-yearly home MOT we will check the condition of your fixtures and fittings (such as kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors and gas appliances, for example your boilers and fires).

    We will also look at wear and tear and check this against the life expectancy and condition information to determine which fixtures and fittings are due for replacement or upgrade.

    Using this information, our annual planned replacement programmes are set at the beginning of each year for work to commence in the upcoming financial year (from April).

  • If a fixture or fitting is still in working order, we will continue to repair it until it is beyond economic repair.

    If you believe the item is beyond economic repair, you can request an engineer to attend. You can do so here.

    If it is used for your heating, for example your boiler or fire, you can check out our heating inefficiency guide.

    If our engineer confirms the item is beyond economic repair, we will check if there is availability within the current annual replacement programme.

    If there is no availability in the current programme, it will be added to the following years programme and repairs will be carried out until work is due to begin.

  • There may be a different set of circumstances as to why your neighbour or neighbours have had a replacement or upgrade.

    This may be due to the property’s age or condition. Or it could be that the contractors carrying out the work have not been able to, or have not yet made contact with you.

    If you would like to check please contact us.


  • There may be a different set of circumstances as to why their property has had a replacement or upgrade.

    This may be due to its individual age or condition. We may have started to carry out work in your street and our contractors have not been able to or have yet to make contact with you.

    If you would like to check please contact us.


  • You will be contacted by our contractor before the work will begin so they can make arrangements with you to access your property. They will also want to discuss any relevant choices you need to make, for example the colour, style, or design of the item they are replacing.

    If you have any further queries on our planned maintenance programme, please contact us. You can also contact us on our Facebook page or Tweet us.