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Customer alterations

Here you will find what alterations will need our permission to be granted before you undertake works. The first four drop downs relate our rental customers, the bottom two are specific to shared, leasehold, and outright homeowners.

A customer alteration could include any changes to what’s currently there or the addition of new things; internally or within the boundary of the property, this could include; changes to the structure, work to the kitchen, adding a driveway or a shed in the garden.

It is important, where required, to seek permission before you make any alteration to your home to avoid breaching your tenancy and potentially having to restore the property at your own cost without compensation for your effort, time, and the money that you have spent. Please read the below before submitting the form.

  • Applications for alterations should come via our customer portal and the following are our average timescales:

    • Within 14 days of application, you will receive a letter from the team acknowledging their request.
    • Within a further 28 days, we may request further information such as: photos, plans or quotes to support the application.
    • Once in receipt of all the requested documents, the request id passed to the surveyor or officer to investigate whether we can grant permission. A surveyor may need to visit before the permission can be granted.We aim to grant/deny permission within 12 weeks.
    • Upon grant of permission, customers have 12 months in which to complete the work. Once works are completed, they should contact us to post inspect the work and send over any relevant certificates. If works are not carried out within 12 months, the application will be closed.

    Alterations, outside of Bromford’s responsibility, would be completed at your own cost after obtaining permission where required and any relevant statutory permissions such as planning permission or building regulations approval. If permission is granted following the request, you would be responsible for ensuring that your chosen contractor/s is reputable and comply with Health and Safety regulations. You would also become responsible for maintaining the alterations and keeping them in good order.

    Only the person we have a legal agreement with (tenant), or who has Power of Attorney for this person, can request permission to undertake a home alteration.

  • Examples of when consent is required (this list is not exhaustive):

    • Aerial (Non-Standard TV/Radio or Flats or Property less than 5yrs old)
    • Bathroom replacement or alterations
    • Boundary Wall adding new or alterations
    • Cable - Broadband/TV (Flats or Property less than 5yrs old)
    • Cavity wall or loft insulation
    • CCTV System (only where wiring is required)
    • Conservatory
    • Conversion or sub dividing room
    • Doors & Windows replacement or alterations
    • Dropped kerb / off road parking /driveway
    • Electrical works - installing new sockets, shower, lighting etc.
    • Extensions to the home
    • Fencing/railings adding new or alterations (not like for like style/height)
    • Garage/carports construction or alterations
    • Gas cooker installation where no current supply
    • Kitchen replacement or alterations
    • Large garden alterations - astro turf, changing levels, terracing structures, landscaping, patios, paths or decking
    • Loft conversion
    • Out buildings*
    • Painting & Decoration for surfaces not already painted/wall papered
    • Painting & Decoration for surfaces not already painted or different colour
    • Pond/pool
    • Porches
    • Satellite dish (Non-Standard size or Block of more than 3 flats or Property less than 5yrs old)
    • Sheds/Animal cages greater than 10x8' or not in rear garden or properties less than 5yrs old*
    • Structural alterations
    • Water supply pipes and drainage.

    *Out buildings and sheds must not be used for sleeping purposes or for self-contained living accommodation.

    • Aerial – Standard Freeview TV/Radio (Not a Flat & Properties over 5yrs old)
    • Cable - Broadband/TV (Not a Flat & Properties over 5yrs old)
    • Carpet & Sheet flooring (not wet/level access shower rooms)
    • Curtains/blinds
    • Doors internal - replacing or ironmongery changes (non-fire doors)
    • Gardening - turf, plants and shrubs (not communal gardens)
    • Laminate/tiled/timber flooring (non-flat or ground floor flat)
    • Light fitting changes - where no additional wiring required
    • Painting & Decoration of previously painted surfaces (no wallpaper in properties less than 12 months old)
    • Satellite dish (Standard size, Not in Flats, Blocks of less than 3 flats, Property older than 5yrs old)
    • Sheds less than 10x8' - singular in private rear garden of properties older then 5yrs old
    • Smart meter (install by utility provider)
    • Telephone line (Not in Flats)
    • Wall hung Shelves/Pictures/TV's etc.
    • Water meter (install by utility provider)

    Statutory consents may still be required, particularly if their home is listed or in a conservation area, the customer will be responsible for investigating and obtaining these. If you are unsure of the materials, you will be disturbing in the course of the works please contact your Neighborhood Coach.

  • Examples of where consent will not be given, principally this will be where there are safety issues (this list is not exhaustive):

    • Communal Areas - Any works
    • Fire doors (internal and external) – Any works
    • Heating or hot water system replacement or alterations
    • Laminate/tiled/timber flooring (to flats first floor and above)
    • Solar Panels / PV Systems (where 3rd party funded)
    • Wood Burner/Gas Open flued fires
    • Painting or vinyl wrapping of tiles or kitchen/bathroom surfaces
    • Painting of external doors, windows and walls
    • Removal of bath in a house if an Occupational Therapist has not referred
    • Loft ladders and boarding of loft 
  • You will need our permission to carry out any alterations to your home, if your lease or transfer says that our consent is needed. This may include alterations/ alterations such as:

    • Replacing Kitchens and Bathrooms
    • Amendments to your driveway
    • Any central heating or electrical installations or replacements
    • Installation of a conservatory
    • Cavity wall and loft insulation
    • Structural alterations
    • A loft conversion
    • A garage conversion
    • Extensions

    It is important to keep in mind that you will be responsible for obtaining statutory approvals such as planning permission and building regulations where required. 

    Please check your lease or transfer as some alterations may not be permitted. 

  • Application for alterations should come via our customer portal.

    • Within 28 days of application, you will receive a letter from the team acknowledging your request. This letter will also confirm the administration fee owed to us to process their request. The fees range from £55 to £175, depending on the scope of works and depending on the ownership. You will need to confirm you are happy to pay the fee and we will then send an invoice.
    • Whilst the invoice is being processed and paid, we will write to you requesting further information. We may need to see photos, plans or quotes to support the application.
    • Once in receipt of the fee and requested documents, the request is passed to the surveyor or officer to investigate whether we can grant permission. A surveyor may need to visit before the permission can be granted.
    • We aim to grant/deny permission within 12 weeks.
    • Upon grant of permission, customers have 12 months in which to complete the work. Once works are completed, the customer should contact us to post inspect the work and send over any relevant certificates.

    If you are a Shared Owner, it is important that you obtain our consent to any alterations which potentially add value to your home as if you decide to buy more shares in the future any increase in the value of the property due to the alterations you have carried out will be taken into consideration. Also, if you decide to take out a new mortgage to fund any alterations our consent to any remortgage will be required.

  • Compensation for improvements is potentially available to customers at the end of their tenancy, for specific types of improvements that they have undertaken at their own cost with the approval of Bromford. Claims should be made in writing within a period starting 28 days before, and ending 14 days after, the tenancy comes to an end.  

    Only certain improvements qualify for compensation and these are: 

    • Bath/shower/wash hand basin/toilet 
    • Kitchen units/sink/work surfaces 
    • Water or space heating/thermostatic radiator valves 
    • Loft/cavity insulation 
    • Double glazing/secondary glazing/window replacement and or draught proofing of external doors or windows. 
    • Rewiring or other electrical fittings (including smoke detectors) 
    • Security works, excluding burglar alarms 

    Compensation will only be paid where Bromford has given written permission prior to the work being undertaken. In seeking such permission customers must submit 3 estimates from bona fide contractors and inform Bromford which estimate they choose and why. DIY improvements will not be considered. Bromford will not unreasonably withhold permission. 

    Bromford will advise the customer; 

    • That any compensation given at the end of the tenancy will allow for depreciation i.e. it will be less than the customer paid for the work.  
    • Any compensation due to the customer at the end of their tenancy will be deducted from any money they owe to Bromford. 
    • If the landlord terminates the tenancy through legal action, the customer will not be entitled to compensation. 
    • If the customer exercises their Right to Buy, Right to Acquire or purchases the entire property under Social Homebuy, they will not be entitled to compensation. 

    Compensation should be calculated using the statutory formula and the list of notional life spans for qualifying improvements as set out in the Compensation Policy calculating formula.  The maximum compensation payable is £3,000 and the minimum £50.  

    Compensation Policy Calculating Formula 

    Qualifying Improvements and Formula for Calculating Amount of Compensation 

    Below is a list of improvements that tenants can make to their home at their own cost once permission has been granted:  

    Qualifying Improvements

    Notional Life (years) 



    Bath or shower 


    Wash-hand basin 






    Kitchen sink 


    Storage cupboards in bathroom or kitchen 


    Work surfaces for food preparation 




    Space or water heating 


    Thermostatic radiator valves 


    Insulation of pipes, water tank or cylinder 




    Loft insulation 


    Cavity wall insulation 


    Draught proofing of external doors or windows 




    Double glazing or other external window  

    replacement or secondary glazing 


    Rewiring or the provision of power and lighting  

    or other electrical fittings (including smoke detectors) 


    Any object which improves the security of  

    the dwelling, but excluding burglar alarms 


    The formula for calculating the amount of compensation is as follows:  

    C x (N-Y)  


    C= Cost of the improvement (less any grant received)  

    N= Notional life of the improvement  

    Y= Number of complete years since the improvement was made (part years  

    are rounded up)  

    Right to compensation for improvements – example  

    A tenant installs a bathroom suite costing £480.00. The notional life is 12 years  

    The improvement is discounted at £40 per year  

    The tenant claims compensation 4 years after the improvement is made.  

    Notional life minus number of year’s improvement completed  

    12 years – 4 years = 8 years.Cost divided by notional life = depreciation/discounted amount  

    £480/12years = £40 per annum  

    Depreciation x number of years  

    £40 x 8 years = £320  

    Total compensation due =£320  

Alteration request form

Alteration checklist

For example: corridor, shared gardens, car-parks etc.


Once you have submitted your request, we will advise you if it has been approved, refused or whether it requires review by the Neighborhood Coach and Customer Alterations Team, we will contact you if further information is required and update you on progress. 

If you would like any further advise before making your application or have general queries, please contact your neighborhood coach.