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Want to leave?

Thank you for being part of Bromford and living in one of our homes. We are sorry that you want to leave us, but we know that circumstances can change. We wish you all the best in your next step.  

Are you sure we can't persuade you to stay? Contact your Neighbourhood Coach, who may be able to help you find what you are looking for.

If you are definite about leaving us you must give us written notice before your tenancy can end, the length of this notice will be at least 4 weeks but may be one calendar month depending on what your tenancy agreement states.

To do this you can complete the tenancy notice form. You will need to print the form, complete it and return it to us by post, as we require a signature from you. Let your Neighbourhood Coach know and in addition to posting your notice please also take a photograph of it and send this to your Neighbourhood Coach if possible. This can be done via email or by text on their mobile number to help speed up the process and ensure your notice is recorded sooner as there can be delays with post.

Are you a shared Owner? Find out how to sell your shared ownership home.

Once you have given notice we will:

  • write confirming the date your tenancy will end
  • arrange to visit you to inspect the condition of your home before you leave.
  • arrange a separate visit to you to prepare an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) if your home does not already have one.

  You must:

  • pay your rent until the end of your tenancy and complete any outstanding repairs that you are responsible for.
  • clear the home of all your belongings and make sure it is clean and tidy, including the garden, when you leave.
  • let Bromford workers and contractors complete visits to your property for condition and EPC Inspection. They will telephone to make an appointment with you.
  • carry out any repairs that have been identified as your responsibility before you leave. If you do not we will charge for this work
  • take all your furniture and belongings with you, this includes carpets
  • leave your property in a clean and tidy condition. You will charged if we have to do this for you
  • remove any rubbish from the property and garden
  • leave all decorations in a clean and tidy condition
  • let your electricity, gas and water suppliers know you are moving, give them the meter readings and your forwarding address. Please let us know if you have any debt on your meters
  • let the Council Tax section at your local authority know when you are moving and your forwarding address
  • if you receive any Housing Benefit, let them know when your tenancy will end and your forwarding address
  • get your telephone and internet disconnected
  • arrange for your mail to be redirected.

If you are a Merlin customer you need to return your keys to your area housing office by 12noon on the Monday your tenancy ends. If you don't return them in time, then you will be charged the equivalent of an extra week's rent.

If a surveyor finds that you have damaged your home, you will be charged for the repair.

If you are a customer of an intermediate or market rent property and have paid a deposit, we will confirm the amount that will be returned to you. This money is held by the Deposit Protection Scheme, who will refund you by cheque. We may deduct amounts from the deposit for outstanding debts, damage to the property, redecoration and cleaning costs. 

What to do if a customer passes away

Firstly, we are sorry for your loss. We're sure this will be a difficult time for you and we are here to help make the transition of the tenancy as simple as possible. We have a dedicated page with more information on regarding what to do if a customer passes away.