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What to expect on your Bromford annual gas service

If you’re having an annual gas service it will include checks such as any potential gas leaks in your house, a boiler check and any need for installation of a carbon monoxide alarm. We also ask that you check you check your smoke alarms weekly.


*What to expect in your annual gas safety check *

*The checks carried out in this video are for informational purposes only. These should only be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Please DO NOT carry out any checks shown in this video*

“Hi I’m Nick Phillips, I’m a gas Surveyor for Bromford, I’m here today to demonstrate to you what may be carried out on your annual gas safety check or the service, this is carried out on all gas appliances in your home and would also be carried out on solid fuel and also on a carcass, which is basically pipework from you gas meter that doesn’t have any gas appliances fitted, these are the checks that would be carried out.”

“The first test that your engineer will do is what we call the tightness test, this will check for any gas leaks in your property, the next check that will be carried out is what we call the flu gas analyser check, this checks the performance of your boiler and check that the flu integrity is correct and that there’s no carbon monoxide coming into you room, this is carried out like this.”

“They’ll use a flu gas analyser similar to the one I’m using today, the engineer will turn all the taps on fully, hot taps and he’ll get the readings from the flu, this will prove the boiler is working correctly, if it isn’t adjustments will be made, is it is that the appliances the engineer is working on, doesn’t have a sample point on the front of the boiler, he may test the flu performance like this,”

“Another check that will be carried out on this type of boiler is the cleaning of the condense trap, this trap will be cleaned by the engineer at your sink, also we will check that there are no obstructions going into the condense trap, this would cause your boiler to breakdown and again and just to reiterate the importance of having your boiler serviced annually.”

*We will also check that there are no obstructions going into the condense trap.

Any obstructions would cause you boiler to break down.

So, it’s really important that your boiler is serviced annually*

“Another check that will be made is the working pressure of the gas for your appliance, turning the boiler back on, apply this gauge to the test point re-establish the gas supply, we’ll then need to turn on your taps full to get the boiler working at the full rate and then measure the readings and record them on his CP12.”

“On some older appliances the engineer may be required to give your burner area on your boiler a vacuum, so a vacuum may be used to clear the excess dust, it is a legal requirement that that you allow us access to carry out your annual gas safety check, this is vitally important so as we can keep your boiler in tip top condition and it will identify any gas escapes or CO poisoning that may arise.”

*It is a legal requirement that you allow us access to carry out your annual gas safety check.

We can keep you boiler in top condition.

It will identify any gas escapes or CO poisoning.*

“If you do not allow us access to carry out this annual gas safety check we will cap you gas meter and to uncap your gas meter this will incur a charge to yourself”

*If you do not allow us access WE WILL CAP YOUR GAS METER to uncap your meter will result in a charge applying to you.*

“One of the reasons for your annual gas safety check is for the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning, this is the silent killer and if in big doses can be fatal, you may have a CO detector fitted in your property it is not a requirement for all gas appliances, if you do have one it may look like this, purchase one for yourself, you can go to any of your local hardware stores who will be happy to provide you with one, this will be checked on your annual gas safety check and it can be tested like this, upon any activation please turn off all gas appliances, ventilate the room and evacuate and notify Bromford as quickly as possible.”


Turn off all gas appliances

Open all doors and windows to ventilate the room

Evacuate the building immediately

Contact us on 0330 1234 034*

“If Bromford have provided you with a CO alarm and you find that it is faulty then do not hesitate to call us and we will get the unit replaced.”

*Call: 0330 1234 034*

“The service engineer will also test your smoke alarms, you will find these located either in you hallway or on your landing and it will be tested like this, we ask you that you can test your smoke alarms weekly and if you do find that there’s a fault with them don’t hesitate to call us we get them replaced.”

*Call: 0330 1234 034*

“Hope you find these I’ve shown you today have been useful, if you do receive a telephone call or letter from Bromford or our gas contractors stating that your service is due, please call us as soon as possible so as we can get this service carried out, thanks for watching.”

*Call: 0330 1234 034*