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The Customer & Communities Influence Network (CCIN) is a team of eight committed customers who influence customer-facing strategies and policies across Bromford. It is a unique opportunity for customers to contribute to the design of new and existing services by helping shape Bromford's understanding of what life is like for them as customers. 

It is chaired by Board member Sandra Horley and is supported by contributions from senior Bromford colleagues including Kevin Bennett, Director of Localities and Customer Contact and Kim Avery, Head of Customer Experience.

The Customer and Communities Influence Network maintains strong links to the Board to challenge the business, ensuring we’re delivering what we say we will as well as listening to the customer voice.

What does customer Carol Moore think of being involved?


Calling all customers!

Customers get involved for many reasons, the most common reasons include: 

  • Holding Bromford to account.
  • Making sure customers' priorities are heard and acted upon 
  • Embracing and promoting the values of social housing.
  • Learning new skills through doing, training and job shadowing. 
  • Gaining new experiences, meeting new people, and keeping your mind and body active.

If you're interested in finding out more and getting involved, email Delphine Guillemoteau (Customer Involvement Officer)