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Tenancy and Licence Agreements

These are legal contracts that set out our terms and conditions; making it clear what you are responsible for and what we are responsible for.

What types of agreement are there?

Click on the links below to find out more about each type of tenancy:

  • Starter

    • The majority of our new customers are given this type of tenancy.
    • Starter Tenancies are usually for 12 months but if you are not meeting the tenancy terms and conditions they can be ended after 6 months.
    • Towards the end of the Starter Tenancy we will review how well you have met the terms and conditions of your tenancy and decide whether to:
      • Offer you another Fixed Term tenancy, and if so the length of that term.
      • Extend the tenancy – this can be up to a maximum of 18 months.
      • End the Tenancy and ask you to leave.
  • Fixed Term Tenancy

    • We usually give this type of tenancy to customers at the end of their Starter Tenancy.
    • These types of tenancy are given for a fixed amount of time – which is usually 5 years, but in some circumstances might be 2 years.
    • Towards the end of the tenancy we will review how well you have met your terms and conditions of tenancy and decide whether to:
      • Offer you another Fixed Term Tenancy or,
      • End the Tenancy and ask you to leave.
    • See the Bromford Deal for more information.


Assured and Secure Tenancies are sometimes called Lifetime Tenancies because there is no set end date. They can only be ended if you breach the terms of the Agreement and we get a Court Order.

  • Assured

    • Most of our existing customers have this type of tenancy.
    • Some tenants will also have the Right to Acquire their home - please ask your Neighbourhood Coach for more information.
    • Customers who were previously secure tenants either with Cotswold or Lichfield District Councils may also have the Right to Buy
  • Secure

    • We no longer grant this type of tenancy.
    • If your original tenancy began before January 1989 or you have exchanged with someone with a Secure Tenancy then you are likely to have a Secure Tenancy.
    • As a Secure Tenant you usually have the Right to Buy your home, as long as the home you live in qualifies.
  • Licence

    • If the home you live in shares facilities (such as a kitchen) or is short stay (such as a hostel) you will most likely have a Licence

What type of agreement do I have?

You can find out your Tenancy or Licence type on your agreement.

How can I get a copy of my Tenancy or Licence agreement?

If you just need basic details, you can view a sample Assured, Fixed Term, Licence or Starter Tenancy here.

If you need your own Tenancy or Licence agreement, contact us.