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Want to swap your rented home

What is a mutual exchange?

A mutual exchange means you can swap your home with another Bromford customer or someone living in a property from a registered social landlord. To find out more details, click here.

How can I find a swap for my home?

Register online for free at or download the free app and register there.

You can download the app on Apple IOS or Android's Google Play.

The features of Swap and Move app include:

  • View property matches
  • Browse and view detailed property information
  • Manage account settings
  • Upload photos directly from a smart phone
  • Use interactive mapping tool
  • Easy-to-use messaging between tenants

When you have found a suitable swap, you need to contact us. You cannot move without our permission and we need to check out some things with you before we will give our consent.

Find a swap on Facebook

We have a Facebook page called Bromford Homeswap where customers can find others looking to swap their property. On the page you can post the property you haven and search the posts to see if you can find a match. 

There are a set of guidelines you need to follow which can be found on the 'About' section of the page - make sure you read it before you make a post.

Search for Bromford Homeswap on Facebook and 'Like' the page to keep up to date.

Begin your mutual exchange

If you have found someone to swap with, you will need to complete and return the following forms:

Mutual exchange application form - All parties involved in a mutual exchange must complete and submit a separate application form.

Once you have completed and signed these forms, please send these to:

Lettings Team, 1 Venture Court, Broadlands, Wolverhampton, WV10 6TB

Looking for an update on your swap?

Save time and check out our frequently asked questions page.

Have you started your exchange?

Moving home can be stressful, There are different things you will need to do once you have started to pack and you have moved into your new place. Check out our guide on what you need to know here.