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We focus most of our time on our current customers and the homes they live in. Our relationships with customers are led by our neighbourhood coaches. But we recognise that we’ll only be successful if all our colleagues work as one.

We know that many of our customers have aspirations to do something different. We believe strongly in social justice and we believe we should invest in people rather than additional services. What we mean by this is that we will invest our resources into working with customers through a coaching approach that enables them to gain or maintain control of their lives and do more for themselves and each other. We want to build on what’s strong and help our customer better connect with existing services, community groups and each other.

But we’re also aware of the needs of our future customers who do not yet have a Bromford home, whether that is one for rent or shared ownership.

How will we measure our progress?

By 2023 we aim to have:

  • 90% of customers who would recommend us
  • 75% of customer transactions resolved online
  • Net arrears of less than 3.5% and gross arrears of less than 4.6%
  • 90% of customers agree that our services are easy to use and helped them resolve their issue
  • 85% of customers think we are good at listening and acting on their views
  • We’ll have invested £10m in initiatives or buildings directly related to reducing homelessness