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Outstanding securities

Outstanding securities

ISIN Pricing date Maturity date Original amount issued Outstanding amount Coupon
N/A May-20 May-61 £100m £100m undisclosed
ISIN: XS2138374603 Mar-20/Jul-20 Mar-54 £140m £140m 2.554%
N/A Mar-20 Mar-59 £40m £40m undisclosed
N/A Aug-19 Aug-33 £50m £50m 2.260%
N/A May-19 May-39 £100m £100m 3.010%
ISIN: XS1815429342 May-18 May-48 £300m £300m 3.125%
N/A Jan-15 Jan-55 £40m £40m 3.870%
N/A Nov-13 Nov-43 £35m £35m 5.250%
N/A Sep-12 Jun-37 £61m £61m 4.930%


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