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Coronavirus national lockdown

Please head to our Coronavirus FAQs for more information on our response to the announced Tier 5 national lockdown. [Updated 05/01/2021 at 22:37]


Our people are the reason for our success and will be even more so in the future. 

Everything we do is about investing in homes and relationships so people can thrive. It’s our purpose. It’s a big challenge to ensure thousands of people live in warm, safe homes and enabling them to thrive and we need people who live our DNA to do this. And we’re committed to enabling all of our colleagues to thrive to help us achieve this. 

For our people to be successful we are committed to investing in creating brilliant leadership through our organisation. We will also invest considerably in apprenticeships and graduates as well, aiming to have attracted 100 to work for us over the next five years. 

How will we measure our progress?

By 2023 we aim to have:

  • Annual Great Place to Work survey score 78%
  • Voluntary turnover under 15%
  • Average sickness of 5 days
  • 300 colleagues have completed leadership and aspiring leadership programme
  • Employed 100 apprentices / graduates
  • Turnover of colleagues leaving in their first year, less than 10%