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We plan to regenerate a number of our homes on Main Street and Lullington Road in Clifton Campville. 

These homes are ‘Airey’ houses and are made of a concrete non-traditional construction (non-traditionally built properties means that they are not made with a conventional brick or timber frame structure). These types of properties have a poor energy efficiency rating which typically results in them being extremely expensive to heat.

We assessed some of the homes that we own on Main Street/Lullington Road for their energy performance rating. An ‘A’ rating is classed as excellent and shows that a home would be cheap to heat and a ‘G’ rating means that the home is very inefficient and is very expensive to heat. Our homes achieved an energy performance rating of just ‘F’ and ‘G’ which means that they cost a lot more for our customers to heat than if they lived in a traditionally built home. As this issue affects a number of our homes at this location, we have decided to demolish the houses and build brand new energy efficient ones.

The address for this site is: Main Street and Lullington Road, Clifton Campville, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B79 0AS.