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Fizzling bonfire night recipes

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There’s nothing like wrapping up warm, getting your wellies on and watching the night sky light up with some fireworks. Even though the occasional loud bang still makes us jump. The perfect match for colourful fireworks apart from great company is some warm and tasty food.

If you’re having family, friends or neighbours round for a night of fireworks, check out these recipes you could cook up to keep warm in front of the bright lights.

Pumpkin Soup

                          Pumpkin soup

                                   (Picture courtesy of

Do you have some pumpkins left over from Halloween? Then this pumpkin soup can be effectively used to warm up your evening. Add some carrots, onion and milk and you’ve got yourself a hearty soup to start off the evening.

Find the recipe from here

Sticky hot dog jackets

                          Hot dogs

                                     (Picture courtesy of BBC Good Food)

A twist on a classic. These only take 15 minutes to prepare and an hour to cook. Simply prepare your jacket potatoes in advance and put them in the oven. They should be ready in time for the first sparklers to be lit.

Find the recipe from BBC Good Food here.

Pulled pork

                Pulled pork

                             (Picture courtesy of

If you have the time in the day, this pulled pork will work a treat when it comes to tea time. You’ll need eight hours to cook a shoulder of pork but the results should be great.

Add some chips, coleslaw and baps and you’ve got yourself a nice hot pork bap ready to eat in front of the Catherine Wheel.

Find the recipe from here

Catherine Wheel Cookies.

                 Catherine wheels

                                 (Picture courtesy of

Talking of Catherine Wheels, here’s a firework related treat to have after all that meat. With a few drops of food colouring, hundreds and thousands and good old fashioned baking, you can make these twirling cookies to finish off your firework display.

Find the recipe from Tesco here

Toffee apples

                Toffee apples

Finally, nothing says bonfire night like Toffee Apples. All you need are some apples, caster sugar, vinegar and syrup. If you haven’t got the time to make them on the night, you can prepare them two days in advance. Have a nice traditional treat to wrap up the night.

Find the recipe from BBC Good Food here