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Spring clean your home

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The nights are starting to get lighter and spring is around the corner.

It’s now a good time to get out the feather duster and give your home a spring clean. Having a good clean may take some time. Here are some things you can do to give your home a spring clean.


Take your rugs outside and pat them down, helping to remove any dust particles that have built up and then vacuum them.


Give your windows a shine. Use a mixture of vinegar and water for your solution, and then use a cloth to wipe on windows and then buff this down with a newspaper.

When wiping the windows, wipe the inside of the window horizontally and the outside of the window vertically. This can help to identify any streak marks.

Sorting out your kitchen cupboards

Remove all the items from your cupboards. Then, give the cupboards a good clean with a cloth or rag.

Sort the items you have taken out. Some will have passed their sell by date and will need throwing away. If you have tinned good and they can be recycled, think about emptying the contents into a bin and recycling the container.

If you have any tins which are in date but you don’t wish to use, think about donating these to your local food bank to help others in need.

Kettle and Toasters

Kettles can build up with lime scale over time. To descale your kettle, cut a lemon into big chunks, place into the kettle with water, boil and leave overnight. The next day, empty the contents and rinse thoroughly.

For Toasters, make sure you them off at the wall and remove the plug first! Remove and wash the crumb tray if you have one and then dry. Then turn the toaster upside down and shake any crumbs out. If you can’t remove any sticky bits, use an old toothbrush.

Cleaning your oven

Some ovens will have a self-cleaning option. You can also buy self-cleaning products from your local supermarket.

One way to cleaning your oven is by using Bicarbonate of soda. Cover the inside of your oven with a thick paste of this solution and leave it overnight. Then in the morning wipe away the solution and you should find that the built up grease should be gone.

Fridges and Freezers

Remove the items out of your fridge. Then remove the shelves and clean them in warm soapy water. You can use an old toothbrush to clean the edges of the doors seals.

For your freezer, firstly place your items into a cool bag. Then place some old newspaper under the freezer so this will catch any drips.

Then place a warm bowl of water into the fridge to help thaw out. Clean the freezer and place the items back.

Clean those dark corners

Start to pull back your sofas and units (removing any items if needed) and get to those hard to reach areas with a duster. Use a feather duster aswell to go over any lampshades that might be dusty.

Sort the toys

This is a good time to start sorting any unwanted or unused toys you may have. If you have any broken toys which can’t be repaired, recycle them if you can.

For any unwanted toys, think about donating these to a charity shop. Do you have a neighbour with younger children who would benefit from these toys? Or think about selling these online or through a car boot sale.

Organise your wardrobe

Sort out your clothes for the new season. Sort the clothes for any which you don’t use, don’t fit or are in need of repair.

Think about donating these to a charity shop in your local area. There could be someone less fortunate than you who could benefit. Donate them to a friend, neighbour or relative; recycle them at your local recycling centre. You could also sell your clothes online or at a car boot sale.

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