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Let's watch kick off... Don't kick off!

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Attach the car flags, get the face paint out and put three lions on the stereo. The World Cup is almost upon us!  Whether you’re cheering on England or rooting for your own home country, the World Cup is a great time to come together with family and friends to cheer on your team!

This year’s World Cup will be in the carnival atmosphere of Brazil. Due to the time delay this means that a lot of the matches will be on late at night, even as late as 11pm!

Here are some key opening games:

12th June – Opening game – Brazil v Croatia (8pm)

14th June – England v Italy – 11pm

19th June – England v Uruguay – 8pm

24th June – England v Costa Rica – 5pm

If you’re planning to have a party or a few people over to watch the game, be mindful of the noise you may create and how this will affect your neighbours through the up’s and down’s of a 90 minute match (or even the dreaded penalty shoot-out),.

Not everyone will be watching the football. For the late games, people might have children sleeping, they may have to get up early for work the next day and perish the thought that some may not even be interested in football at all!

We all want to have a good time, but here are some things you could think about before kick off…

Tell your neighbours

  • Let your close neighbours know in advance that you will be having people round to watch the game. Why not invite them along!
  • Tell your neighbours to let you know if there is any loud noise so you can turn it down. The last thing you want is an argument whilst the crucial penalty shout-out is taking place!
  • Respect your neighbour’s wishes. You may not feel that it is loud but you may not be on the other side of the wall.

Cleaning up any litter

  • Planning on having a drink before, during and after the game? Make sure you dispose of any cans or bottles in your recycling or communal bin area.
  • The same can be said for smoking. Make sure you dispose of any used cigarettes once extinguished particularly if you’re having a smoke outside. No-one likes discarded cigarette butts outside their home or littering the street.

Approaching your neighbour

  • If you feel the noise next door is too loud, knock on your neighbour’s door and politely ask them if they can keep the noise down, whether this is on the TV, themselves cheering and explain why.
  • If you feel the noise is still too loud, ask your neighbour again. If they become aggravated or aggressive towards you, don’t retaliate, just calmly walk away. Be the bigger person. Although it may be tempting, if you retaliate, you could make the situation worse and get in trouble yourself.

Do you need to report it?

  • The World Cup, like any major sporting tournament is a one off event, it only comes round once every 4 years.  Remember people are going to get excited and bit carried away. So if there is noise, Think… do you need to tell us or can you deal with this yourself?   Often there is very little we can do when there is a one off complaint of noise relating to a specific event such as the World Cup.


  • If noise continues over a period of time or has caused a major disruption, then in those instances do tell us, but we would ask that you try to resolve any issues with your neighbour yourself first. We will not get involved in any tit-for-tat arguments that result from the World Cup.


  • If there has been an incident of aggressive behaviour, intimidation or violence resulting in injury,  then report this straight away to the police on either 101 or 999 as well as to ourselves.

If you need to report anti-social behaviour to us, contact us or report it online.