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Accidental injuries are second biggest killer

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As a parent, worrying about the safety of our children is part of the job. From the moment that they’re born we watch over them, listening out for their cry in the night, giving them the odd little nudge to make sure that they’re still breathing when they’ve been quiet for ‘too long’. At least as babies we know where they are but as they grow, we have less control over where they go and what they do.

I remember my daughter posting a piece of toast into the front of my video player (I’m showing my age now) and sitting behind the chair, trying to push a Smartie up her nose! Luckily on both of those occasions I was in the room with her and she came to no harm but it just shows that when children are around, everything can be a hazard.

This week (23 -29 June) the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) has organised Child Safety Week with the aim of helping people to understand the risks to children’s safety and the ways in which accidents can be prevented. Accidental injury is second only to cancer as the biggest cause of death to children in the UK. CAPT is committed to reducing the number of children killed, disabled or seriously injured in accidents and when we consider that children from the poorest UK families are 13 times more likely to die in accidents it is obvious that the most vulnerable need help and support to ensure the safety of their children.

Established as the largest provider of specialist accommodation and support services to young parents, Bromford has over twenty years experience in this area since opening our first purpose-built young families scheme in Telford and Wrekin in 1994.Stairgate

Having over 160 units of accommodation that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the young families that we support, we lead the way nationally in this vital area of supported housing. Recognising  that ‘both parents need to be supported…to become good parents’ (Ofsted 2011), Bromford offers joint tenancies to young couples, enabling them both to learn the skills needed to successfully live independently and to be able to handle to responsibilities of parenthood.

Our young families schemes offer a safe and supportive environment for young parents. Offering a variety of activities and on-site support. We are extremely proud of our schemes and of the relationships that we have built with local authorities, health and education professionals who regularly work alongside us to ensure the best possible outcomes for all concerned.

Bromford colleague, Katie Hunter who supports seven young families at our Heath Way scheme in Cannock says that the safety of children is so important. “We work closely with the families here to ensure that they understand the many challenges that parents face to keep their children safe.” Katie goes on to say: “As well as regular support visits, we have a monthly meeting where we get together as a group. These sessions are useful to get conversations going around topical issues and the meeting this month is centred on the Child Safety campaign. We have posters up on the noticeboard highlighting the dangers that hair straighteners can pose and we’ll be talking about all potential dangers, including awareness around hot water, choking hazards Child opening drawersand the importance of keeping medicines and cleaning products out of the reach of the little ones.”

Children are so innocent and just want to play but they can’t always see the potential dangers involved. It’s our job to ensure that, without wrapping them in cotton wool, they stay safe, secure and happy and the aim of this week is to highlight the importance of preventing accidents both in the home and when out and about.

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