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Stand out from the crowd

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By following just a few golden rules when completing a job application you could give yourself a better chance of standing out from the crowd and getting in front of your potential employers.

Golden Rules when completing a job application

•    Approach every application with 100% focus and commitment rather than as a task that you’d rather not do.
•    Read the entire application before starting to fill out the form.
•    Have a spare copy available or save an electronic version to take to the interview with you.
•    Use your ‘phone voice’ to complete the application form. Imagine that you’re on the phone and write in that tone.
•    Complete the application form from the point of view of the reader and not as the writer.
•    Complete all sections in the correct colour ink - as specified - if you’re completing a paper application (in block capitals where required). When completing electronic applications make sure that the correct font is used. Attention to detail is key.
•    Don’t stretch the truth.
•    Check it, check it and check it again – then get somebody else to check it for you.
Things to think about:
•    Ensure that there is a structure to your answers – tell a story by including a beginning, middle and end to make your answers more interesting.
•    Write out your answers in rough first before completing the application form.
•    Use the job advert and person specification to ‘mirror’ key words in the application to show that you have the relevant qualities that the employer is looking for.

Top tips when searching for work.

•    Don’t limit yourself to searching only on ‘job night’ in the local newspaper.
•    Register on job search engines and with recruitment agencies.
•    Hand out your CV in person to local companies.
•    Tell as many people as possible that you’re looking for work – this way you’ll hear about unadvertised jobs.
•    Start using social media – Connect, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – to help to widen your search area and get the word out to more people that you’re looking for work.
•    Widen your search area – walking to work would be great but not all jobs are on our doorstep.
•    Think about your transferable skills and how you could potentially use your knowledge in a new role.
•    Most importantly – Don’t ever start looking for a job thinking that you’re never going to get it. If this is your approach there is a good chance that you won’t get the job – A positive attitude is key.

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