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Bostin recipes for black country day

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Throughout the West Midlands, thousands of people are celebrating 'Black Country Day'. The event, on 14 July, is the first of its kind for the region, celebrating all the traditions the area holds dearly.

The region has attracted an undeserved bad reputation over the years. The travel website Lonely Planet even once named Wolverhampton the fifth worst city in the world at one point.

The area also boasts some famous sons and daughters. England's first player to receive over 100 caps, Billy Wright, Led Zepplin lead singer Robert Plant, soul singer Beverley Knight and comedian and Premier Inn advert star Lenny Henry as just a few to name. The 'Black Country' covers Dudley, Tipton, Wolverhampton and Walsall but the true heart of the Black Country is still debated to this day.

And point to note, don't ever get residents confused with 'brummies'. You will swiftly find that won't be the case. How can you tell them apart, the accent of course...

So if yo fancy a good bit a bostin black country fittle, (apologies if that seems a poor attempt), ere ar dishes yo con cook up on Black Country Day...

Faggots and peas

Faggots And Peas

The most recognised dish from the Black Country, faggots and peas. Faggots are usually made of (now this is the bit that might put you off) offal, consisting of pork and other cuts of the animal such as the heart and liver.

Served with mash and onion gravy, this is a dish which is an alternative to sausage and mash or toad in the hole. This recipe from BBC Good Food can show you how to make it for 8 people!

An if yo wanna gew propa Black Country, yo can ony serve it wiv Gray Paes

Pork scratchings

Pork -scratchings

Now a much loved pub favourite, pork scratchings use the skin of a pig (again, don't let that put you off) and can be created from the crackling off a pork rind. Pork scratchings can now be created in a number of flavours, including chilli.

This recipe from the Guardian can show you how to make your own pork scratchings at home.

Groaty pudding

Groaty Pudding

(picture courtesy of

Using a mixture of oats, beef, leeks and onions, Groaty puddings or 'Groaty Dick' is a warming stew which has been traditionally used on bonfire night. Get ready for a long night though as once prepared it can take up to 16 hours to cook! But the wait is more than worthwhile.

We went all the way back to the 1980's for this video from Keith Lloyd on how to make Groaty Puddings.

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