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Save on your school essentials this September.

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It may feel like you’ve only just broken up for the six weeks holiday. But just around the corner, the school term will once again begin.

Did you have that day in the school holidays where you would buy your stationery, school bag, shoes and uniform for the new term? Well get prepared because that day is fast approaching.

With all of our purse strings tightening, it’s always good to try to find the best deal when it comes to school supplies. Many high street stores and supermarkets are vying to have the cheapest deal when it comes to uniforms. So it’s a good tactic to do your research and find the best deal. However, we’ve done some of the hard work for you. So, sit back and take a read of our school shopping tips…

The list

Many schools will provide you with a list of the items your child will need to start the school year. But with rushing around trying to get everything for the first day of school, you might forget some of the basics.

ParentDish have put together a handy guide of the things you will need to buy for school. View the list here.

School uniforms

The key ingredient in the school supply list. Unlike our counterparts across the pond, school uniforms are a must in the majority of classrooms in the UK. You may need to buy your children’s uniform from specialist local shops. However, some uniforms can be brought from most high street stores or supermarkets.

Where has the cheapest school uniform? According to research from MoneySavingExpert, it’s Tesco which start from £5.75. There have been numerous stories recently that Aldi have now entered the race and are offering a uniform from £4. So it’s good to shop around.

Check out the comparison list of the cheapest school uniforms here.

Buying for multiple children? Why not buy the next size up for the next couple of years. Buy in bulk and save for the future.

Funding for school essentials

Money can be tight for a lot of us. You might be entitled to a range of financial help towards school meals, milk, clothing and transport from your local authority or charities. You child might be entitled to free services depending on their age or if you’re receiving certain benefits.

The Citizens Advice Bureau has a range of information on financial help you could be entitled to. Find out more here.

Pencil Cases

A necessity for school stationery. By the end of the year it might be filled with empty pens, empty ink cartridges and that multi-coloured rubber you brought on a school trip at the start of the year that you forgot about.

How about making one this year? This guide from ‘A Spoonful of Sugar Designs’ can show you how. View the guide here.

School bag

A good sturdy bag is what you need for a year ahead. As we have suggested with the pencil case, why not make a school bag instead?

Make it have created this guide to show you how to make a school bag for the term ahead. Try something different this school year. View the guide here.

School books

You might have a list as long as your arm of the different books your child will need to read or study. Just because they are books, it doesn’t mean you’re restricted in price. Just like when you shop around for insurance, you can also shop around for the best price on books. is a price comparison website for books. Find your books at the best price here.

Swap your Items

You don’t need to buy your essentials brand new. Many of the items your child will need for the first day of school can be second hand and be in just as good condition. This can include clothes, stationery and the books they will need.

There are many personal selling websites that you can use or advertise your own goods on. It’s not just Ebay you can use. Also take a look at Gumtree, Pre-Loved and Freecycle.


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