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Gardening tips for spring

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Spring has sprung! It’s time to get back out into the garden and to enjoy those lighter evenings. To get the best of your garden, there are a few things you can do to spruce it up…

Get the lawnmower out

Time to cut the grass and give it a good trim. Use this as a starting point to cut your grass regularly.

Rake up the leaves

You may have some leaves left over from autumn which have started to crumble or become moldy. Simply sweep these up and either dispose them into a bag or put in your garden recycling bin. It is also a good time to cut back or remove any dead plants.

Tackle those weeds!

The winter months may have brought a host of unwelcome visitors to your garden. Start to pull out weeds that have grown into your garden and between concrete slabs.

Pat down your plants

Due to the winter weather, some plants may have been affected by ground frost. Pat those plants back into the ground so they can carry on over the spring time.

Give your garden some colour

Start sowing some summer plants to give your garden some colour in time for the summer. Look at planting some gladioli. When planting bulbs, make sure you plant them facing top upwards.

You could also try planting freesias. Plant these in a well-drained area and 3 to 4 inches apart. If you use plant pots, place the bulb with the top facing upwards. Water them regularly in a shaded area and move outside when they start to sprout.

Get the kids involved!

Let the kids become involved in your gardening makeover. Here’s a quick tip, get an empty plastic milk carton, poke small holes in the top of the bottle and you have your own mini-watering can!

Grow your own vegetable patch

Save money at the supermarket and grow your own vegetables. Here are some vegetables you can start to plant:

  • Carrots – Make sure you plant them in well-drained soil and somewhere that has a lot of light.
  • Brussels Sprouts – The ‘Marmite’ of the vegetable world. Give these a plant for September.
  • Tomatoes –Although greenhouses are the best place to grow tomatoes, you can plant them outside. Sow them against a garden wall so they get plenty of light but they are still protected.
  • Broad Beans – These can now be grown in heavier soil. Sow these 12cm apart and use some string and bamboo sticks to support them. Start to water them regularly once they start to flower.

You don’t have to have a garden to grow vegetables…

You just need a windowsill. The following guide can show you how to plant and grow your own vegetables from the comfort of your own windowsill. Check out the guide here

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