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Christina's story

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Moving house is a major event for anyone, but a move out of a specialist nursing home for someone who is blind and suffering with mental health issues is massive. If the move had not been managed well it could have set Christina back several years.

Christina has been blind from birth; her mother, father and brothers are also blind which she says led to her having a very difficult childhood and throughout her life she suffered with mental health issues including bi-polar disorder which she managed well. In 2004 her marriage broke down and Christina's mental health deteriorated, resulting in self neglect and self harm and eventually Christina had to move into a secure mental health unit in Wolverhampton.

Christina moved to Beacon Court in March 2011 and she was overjoyed. She has a full support package in place that meets her needs and she has learned to live as part of a community and build up a relationship with her children. Christina has full support from both the Beacon Centre and Bromford and attends the Beacon day centre twice a week. Although a lot happier now, when she first moved in Christina was still very frustrated. She says that she has always wanted to do things for herself and 'be in control' of what happens to her.

Christina with basket 2

Having gone through everything that Christina has in her life, the last thing she needed was to have the worry of managing her own money too. Christina has a personal budget which Walsall Council pay directly into her bank account and under the personalisation agenda Christina has had a few choices to make.

Her first was to choose where she lived and as she was so unhappy in her previous accommodation she was determined that she wanted to live at Beacon Court. Here she has been able to get involved with various social activities such as going on regular shopping trips, pottery classes and basketing.

She was then faced with the choice of who she wanted to provide her tenancy and care support packages – for this she chose Bromford for tenancy support and the Beacon Centre for care. Once her home, support and care were in place Christina was then faced with the worry of managing her money. For this she chose Bromford’s Moneymates service which ensures that the invoices for the services that help Christina to live as independently as possible are paid correctly and on time.

Christina potteryThere have been some difficult times for Christina since moving into Beacon Court including her suffering a stroke in November 2012. It has been a learning curve for all involved but with such a strong team of support behind her Christina becomes more of an amazing person each day. The option to choose her home and support packages have certainly helped Christina to settle and she also has the added piece of mind that her choice of essential services are paid for without her having to worry.

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