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Police in Gloucestershire have issued a priority 5 scam alert

Thanks to quick thinking from a Bromford customer and Gloucestershire Constabulary, a heartless scam was stopped. But it could strike again. Here’s how it happened and what you need to look out for.

With bills rising, people are looking to save money. Unfortunately, a selfish scammer was set to try and take advantage of this. The target, An elderly gentleman who received a call to discuss cut-price loft insulation. The catch… it was a scam.

A police report from Saturday, March 5th tells of how a Bromford customer was contacted and offered loft insulation at a discount. The resident was then informed that;

Bromford are running a discounted service... for customers over the age of 60 and he could insulate the customers' loft for £75.00.

The rogue caller, at this point, did all that they could to discourage our customer from checking with us to see if the call was genuine. Thankfully, the customer didn't go any further with the rogue caller and reported the incident to local police.

Unfortunately, events like this do happen, and a few people seem set on trying to con others.

This scam comes just days after news from Wolverhampton where after storm damage, a team of scammers posed as volunteers to help residents clear away storm debris. The catch, once the work was complete, they then asked for money.

Scams - What to look out for 

  • Ask yourself, is it too good to be true? The chances are that it probably is
  • If you have any doubt about a person contacting you, double-check with us by phone
  • Don’t give any personal details or any banking details to a caller if they’re unable to identify you through information only we would have about you

If this is verified as a fraudulent attempt to obtain money, please report the matter direct to Action Fraud who will collate the details for the report and forward on to the relevant Police constabulary.

Report fraud here -

Insulating your home

A home with a good energy rating can really help to reduce energy bills. Currently, 86% of Bromford homes have an EPC rating of C or above. And we're working to bring the remaining homes up to this standard.

If your home is due to be upgraded, you will receive official communication from us. You can always check the legitimacy of this communication by giving us a call on the number listed on our website.



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