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Institute of Customer Service Member logoWe’ve made a long-term commitment to continuously improve our services for customers to enable them to thrive by becoming a member of The Institute of Customer Service, the UK’s independent professional customer service body.

Membership gives us access to exclusive research and insights to help inform our customer strategy, enabling us to fulfil our purpose of investing in relationships with our customers.

Catherine Jarrett, sales and marketing director, said: “We took this bold step to help us understand our service strengths and identify areas of improvement benchmarking, enhancing our service performance, and providing our colleagues access to training. The Institute will serve as a critical friend offering perspectives and insights to influence our approach and drive improvement for customers. We are really excited to join a growing community of UK organisations who place their customers first.”

The Institute is an independent professional membership body who lead the way in setting national standards for customer service. It works across all sectors to improve business performance through service excellence. It is the go-to place for all things relating to the customer experience, working with members, regulators, government and the media to position the UK as world leaders in service. Twice a year The Institute publishes the UK Customer Satisfaction Index and is tackling the abuse of customer-facing workers through its Service with Respect campaign.

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