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Dear customer,

Firstly, I want to wish you a happy new year and I hope you managed to enjoy some quality family time over the festive break.Photo of Paul Coates

Following the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on Tuesday, in which he outlined the pressure being placed on certain services due to rising Covid-19 cases, I wanted to get in touch with you directly to update you on how Bromford is responding to these unique set of challenges. 
I would like to reassure you that our services will not be interrupted and customers will continue to receive support from us thanks to the robust safety measures we have in place. This includes all health and safety works. These measures have been tried and tested over many months and include things like maintaining the correct social distancing and wearing a face covering (unless medically exempt). 
Our new director of service delivery, Darron Cox, has taken a couple of minutes to better explain what the current situation is and how we’re responding to it, so please give his video a watch. 

Darron is here to explain more:

Thank you to Darron and, as he mentioned, he will be back in Rohini’s monthly update at the end of January to bring you up-to-speed on the latest situation and what we’re doing about it. 
We also have a hub of information available online which goes into greater detail and explains how we’re working through these challenges and how customers can work with us to ensure appointments are carried out successfully once scheduled. 
We clearly have an unsettled period ahead of us however, like the Prime Minister has said, by working together we are confident we can ride out the Omicron wave with minimal disruption. 
Take care and best wishes, 

Paul Coates  
Executive director of customer transformation and compliance

Communications specialist - whether it's telling customer stories, proactive and reactive media relations, social media, or photography, I'm your man!

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