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At last, it appears we are on our way out of lockdown and about to see some much-needed relief from having to stay indoors and all the challenges that brings.

The clocks go forward this month and the prospect of more daylight – and the easing of some of the restrictions – will lift everyone’s spirits.

Today (23 March) there is a national day of reflection to mark the anniversary of the UK’s first covid lockdown and to remember those who lost their lives to the pandemic. Two days later we all have a chance to say thank you to those NHS and other key workers who have been so essential to us all in a national day of awareness on Thursday.

Key workers

Our own key workers, such as engineers and neighbourhood coaches, have been busy throughout the pandemic keeping as many services running as they can by prioritising health and safety and our covid safety measures. I am sorry if this has disrupted services for some of you, but your safety is our main concern.

And while they haven’t been as visible as we would have wanted, our neighbourhood coaches are here to help and are always there for you. I’d like you to watch our video to see how they have continued to work hard and keep in touch with you throughout the past year.


You can find the contact details for your neighbourhood coach on our website. Don’t forget the coronavirus information page on our website is also kept up-to-date and regularly reviewed.  

Wellbeing guide

If you follow us on social media, you will no doubt have seen our focus on money-saving tips and mental and physical wellbeing this month. I understand how difficult it has been for many customers having to cope with issues around finance, employment and health.

But I wanted to remind you that we are here for you and want to work with you if you think you might have trouble paying your rent. There are a number of options available including Direct Debit and online payments.

We’ve also produced a handy wellbeing guide to provide support and advice on a wide range of subjects from anxiety to learning new skills.


On a final note, I wanted to share with you that we will be launching YouMatter, which is a service to capture the voice of our customers, over the next few months. It is called YouMatter as your feedback can help us shape the things that matter to you most.

Many thanks and please continue to stay safe.


Rohini Mehra
Chief customer officer

Rohini joined Bromford in 2020 as our chief customer officer and has a strong background in customer experience.

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