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Bromford has set aside an additional £2m to help address cases of damp and mould more proactively with customers when issues arise in their homes.

This multi-million pound commitment is on top of the £35m we spent in the past year on maintaining and improving existing homes across our geography, with a further £42m planned for the current year.

We have made addressing issues of damp and mould in customer’s homes one of our top priorities. We are now proactively working with any ongoing complaints relating to damp and mould to establish a greater understanding of the issues at play in their homes so we can listen more effectively and work closer with customers on achieving long-term solutions.

Paul Coates, executive director of transformation and compliance, said the additional earmarked funding was just one aspect of Bromford’s approach to addressing this issue.


He said: “We are now looking at other live cases of damp and mould and have already started contacting these customers to understand what their issues are, what experience they’ve had with our service so far, before carrying out a physical inspection of the home to identify any remedial action that needs to be taken. Additionally, we will be looking at historical cases, to make sure any issues haven’t returned, and our neighbourhood coaches are having those proactive conversations right now in our communities.Photo of Paul Coates, executive director of transformation and compliance

“I will ensure that we continue to update customers and other external stakeholders in terms of where we’ve got to, the issues we’ve identified, and how that will result in long-term permanent solutions moving forward.”

ITV News are currently running a national investigation into issues of damp and mould inside social housing properties and featured one of our customers, Terrie Pring, in May.

Paul added: “Myself and a technical colleague attended Terrie’s address before the programme was aired to talk to her and to carry out an inspection of her home. Whilst there were no leaks or structural issues, there was a high level of moisture being created inside the home and we identified a number of remedial works to help with ventilation in the kitchen and bathroom. Those works have now been completed and Terrie has been pleased with the way it has been handled.”

Further information

If you have any concerns about damp and mould in your home, please visit our dedicated hub of information.

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