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In tough times like these it’s good to hear how customers are looking after themselves and keeping fit during lockdown. And we wanted to share the story of one remarkable customer whose fitness levels helped him battle the coronavirus. A Bromford customer's photograph of them back as a solider in WW2.

From being an air gunner in World War Two to taking on the virus, there’s no stopping Theo Wellings, who lives in Bromford’s retirement living community, Beacon Park village in Lichfield.  Theo, who is now aged 98, served his country at the age of 17 and saw action in World War Two both in Europe and the Far East. He is the last man surviving from his crew.  

Theo’s always been an advocate of regular exercise and before lockdown went to the gym at Beacon Park almost every day. As we’ve entered the third national lockdown, Theo has stayed motivated and continued exercising in his own apartment using dumb-bells and ankle weights and being helped by our customer fitness instructor Ben Bate.

Unfortunately, on armistice day Theo went to lay a wreath at Lichfield Memorial Garden with other war veterans and was later taken very ill, eventually testing positive for Covid-19.Bromford customer Theo smiling for the camera.

Many of the staff at the hospital feared the worst, but two weeks later there was good news that Theo could return to Beacon Park after making a full recovery. Theo said that the doctors were surprised at his fitness levels, strong lung capacity and his blood oxygen levels.

Theo is adamant that his continued motivation and maintaining his fitness helped see him through.  He says: “I think that keeping fit has definitely helped me – and the doctors thought so too. It was great to be able to use the gym at the village before it had to close because of covid.  It’s an excellent place to live. There’s bags of space to exercise. You couldn’t better it.”

And there’s more good news for Theo as he’s just had his first covid vaccination to help him stay fit and healthy.

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