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I had always toyed with the idea of working in some degree of engineering, I wasn’t sure in what form that would be, but I knew that it was an area that interested me since school age. Throughout my education, I found myself gravitating towards the more hands-on subjects such as resistant materials – learning about different types of materials, making dove tail joints, to taking things apart and building them back up. It all just seemed to make sense to me, which unfortunately could not be said for the likes of Pythagoras theorem, or writing haikus to tectonic plates, much to my teacher’s dismay.

Fast forward 11 years – I’ve seen numerous career choices, moved all over the place, had two attempts at university and here I am, back to learning on a multi-skilled apprenticeship with Bromford and I’m really enjoying it!

I’m learning so much! At college, we’ve covered so much already - from re-wiring plugs, learning about safe isolation, soldering copper pipes in elaborate designs I’ve created, to working through health and safety legislations. That learning continues into my everyday work with my mentor Roy, he guides and teaches me what it is to be a multi-skilled engineer, showing me tips and tricks that he’s picked up along his engineering journey. On top of all that, he has the patience of a saint when I manage to cover myself in paint, spill plaster all over my trousers to spread way too much caulk around the skirting boards.

I talked myself out of applying for so many apprenticeships over the years, using the excuse of “you’re too old to be on an apprenticeship”, “the pay is always terrible”, “you’re already in full time employment, just stick at it.” For me, the thought of leaving a full-time role that paid the bills was daunting – I knew that for the first few years I would have to take a pay cut and that’s not always a position we can put ourselves into, but when I stumbled across Bromford apprenticeships I was pleasantly surprised by how much they had to offer, those worries I had previously eased a little.

I remember applying for the position thinking “they’ll never accept my application, I don’t have any relevant experience other than being an absolute boss at Ikea flatpacks, surely that’s not enough.” Well here we are, 15 weeks down – thank you Ikea!

Interested in an apprenticeship? My advice - Give it a go. You won’t regret it!

Hannah Davies

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