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The coronavirus lockdown has been a challenge for many people, but it has also presented opportunities

Knitted baby hatsAfter realising that the Government was advising her to stay inside for 84 days, Jenny Moreton set herself the goal of everyday knitting a hat for a baby at Swindon’s neonatal unit. It’s a challenge she’s already surpassed with 100 hats and two cardigans made already.

“We’ve got a group in the village called Irene’s Charity Knitting Circle and we all come together to knit things for people who need it,” the 82-year-old said. “We’ve sent things all over the world and have made lots of jumpers for refugee children from Syria in the past. Irene knows a sister from the unit at Swindon and they needs hundreds of hats as they are only allowed to use each one once.”

Whilst Jenny has been demonstrating her community spirit by knitting the baby hats, she’s also benefitted from the increased level of volunteering that’s been happening during the pandemic.

“There are volunteers helping out all over Bourton,” she said. “I’ve got a lady who volunteered and she rings me up to see if there’s anything I need. They have had to do my shopping because I am not allowed out. I would love to go shopping again.”

Jenny is herself a volunteer, with Cotswold Friends, where she is a volunteer driver providing transport to older and vulnerable people to take them to doctor’s appointments or to see family or friends. And before that she founded the first playgroup in Oxfordshire back in 1967 in Enstone, a group that is still going today. She was also a warden at a supported housing scheme in the town, organising daily activities for the residents before retiring in 2004.

For now Jenny is looking forward to meeting up with friends and going on holiday again once the pandemic has ended. Until then she has a fresh supply of wool and so will keep on knitting for the neonatal unit.

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