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Our Customer Annual Review has today been published, giving customers the chance to see how we performed during the year.

Customer Annual Review 2020 front coverIn a year that started with the launch of our Bromford strategy 2019-2024 and ended with the disruption of the coronavirus pandemic, we achieved a great deal. We kept customers safe delivering 100% compliance across gas and fire safety. We invested in your home, spending £39m in our existing homes and £180m in building new ones. Through the new strategy we focussed our effort on our core business and built even stronger relationships with customers expanding our neighbourhood coaching approach to all 44,000 homes and through the work of our coaches and income team we kept arrears low at just 1.99%.

During the year we:

  • Built 1,027 new homes
  • Completed 114,479 repairs in customer homes, 87% were completed in one visit
  • Carried out 17,256 planned improvements, including improving the energy performance of over 3,000 homes
  • 2,836 customers moved into a Bromford home, 93% said they were satisfied with the process and 91% were happy with the home they moved into
  • Responded to 347,369 phone calls, emails, letters and messages from customers, 89% of those customer contacts were resolved first time.

By the end of the year:

  • 82% of customers would recommend us to a friend
  • 85% of customers agree our services are easy to use
  • 85% of customers are satisfied with the repairs to their home

During the year we have made good progress and improved the offer we have made to customers in many areas, but we know there is more to do. In the year ahead we are focussed on developing our new online offer to customers, improving customer advocacy and reducing the length of time it takes to answer phone calls.
For more details read this year’s report: Customer Annual Review 2020

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