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We’re supporting the work of the Trussell Trust which runs foodbanks across the communities we work in.

Over the past couple of weeks members of staff have been adding to our corporate donation, with the total raised so far now reaching £2,750. Members of our Be.Heard employee group decided that they wanted to do something to support those who have been struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. So, inspired by the work of locality manager Amanda Robbins during the lockdown, they set up a JustGiving page to support the work of the Trussell Trust.

Amanda started helping out her local community after hearing that Trussell Trust foodbanks in Bristol and South Gloucestershire had seen a 258% increase in the number of emergency food parcels given out in April, compared to the year before.

“I put some feelers out and was able to build on some local partnerships in the community around food donations both fresh and non-perishable,” she said. “The Hamper Delivery Project started in May and throughout the weeks we have seen it rise from two hampers to an average of 15 hampers per week. It has been a truly wonderful experience and after each delivery day, I think about how lucky I am to be part of a team that can support people. By the time it finished in June I am proud to say we have supported over 300 people living in 125 Bromford homes with food hampers.

“I am humbled by the reactions I get when I show up with a hamper. So many people I have met have made the comment to me that they were so happy to have fresh food. Many share their stories with me, some which are specifically related to the pandemic and why they struggling to access food but others still reflect the reality of something I read recently in an article on the New Stateman website, which said ‘while the pandemic has intensified hunger, it definitely did not start it. The UK was facing a growing food insecurity crisis before the Covid-19 outbreak.’”

Our neighbourhood coaches are working with all of our neighbourhoods across the West Midlands and West of England every day helping customers and communities to thrive. Whilst they are coaching people to take advantage of community groups and resources, many of them are now struggling in the wake of the lockdown. This is why we’ve decided to donate money to the Trussell Trust, who we know have been supporting many of our customers over the past few months, to help them continue to do that.

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