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Firefighters have been battling flames at some of our properties as part of a planned training exercise.

Last Friday we invited four crews from Avon Fire & Rescue Service to visit some of our empty properties in Filton for some live-fire training. All of the properties are due to be demolish next month as part of our ongoing regeneration programme.

Fires were set inside six flats in Rodney Crescent, with firefighters wearing breathing apparatus then entering the property to rescue casualties and put out the blaze. The fires were all carried out in a controlled way to minimise disruption to local people.
The training was filmed for community safety projects to be used across the region.

Flames spout from a first floor window as part of the Avon Fire training exercise at our properties in FiltonLee Rogers, Watch Manager at Southmead Fire station, said: “This type of training and project is designed to improve crews effectiveness, firefighter and community safety, and ensure that we are ready for real life incidents that occur in the area.
“As the number of house fires in the area steadily reduces due to our community safety work, it is crucial that crews get hands-on experience and that the Service is able to offer as realistic and challenging training as possible.

“It is also an example of us working with the local community, developers and other organisations to ensure better outcomes for the communities we serve. We cannot thank Bromford enough for their help.

Russ Fowler, Director of Strategic Asset Management at Bromford said: “We have an excellent relationship with Avon Fire & Rescue and work with them to refer residents who would benefit from one of their free home fire safety checks. We’re delighted that the service was able to make such good use of some of our empty properties to provide firefighters with vital training.

“These properties are due to be demolished as part of our ongoing regeneration programme and will be replaced by 17 new homes.”

The homes in Rodney Crescent are part of our ongoing regeneration programme. We’ve appointed United Living to carry out the work to demolish the existing properties and build the new energy-efficient homes in their place. The 17 new homes are due to be completed by summer 2020.


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