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You get a letter asking if you’re free on a certain day in a few weeks’ time to have your annual gas safety check completed. As far as you know you’ve got nothing planned for that day so you happily arrange for the engineer to come along.

Fast-forward and the engineer is due to come out next week. The problem is, things have changed since you made the appointment. You may have started a new job or have a hospital appointment that you’ve been waiting ages for and just can’t miss.

Life gets in the way of our plans sometimes and that’s why we’ve looked at how we carry out our gas and electrical safety checks. To make things easier for you we’ve been making changes to our services.

Through our feedback programme you, our customers, have highlighted a few things that we’ve been working hard to improve.

Opening hours

  • We’ve extended our customer service centre opening times to make it easier for you to get in touch if something comes up and you need to rearrange an appointment.
  • We’re now open from 8am – 6pm weekdays and between 9am and 5pm on Saturdays.

Less appointments

  • We’ve reduced the number of days that our engineers need to visit your home.
  • Our in-house teams now do your electrical inspections and MOT service on one day and our gas contractors carry out the gas safety checks on another.
  • Gas servicing has to be done every 12 months – and it’s really important that the checks are carried out before the anniversary of the previous one to make sure that we meet our legal requirements.
  • Electrical inspections and MOT services are carried out every five years.
It is a legal requirement for us to complete the gas safety checks and, as much as we don’t want to, if we’re not able to carry out the servicing we will have to cap your gas supply until it can be done.

Added investment

  • We’re investing £1.8m in new heating and hot water systems to ensure that your homes are kept safe and warm. This money will pay for new systems for more than 650 customers and one of those could be you – but we need to be able to check your current heating system before we can make a decision.

Increased reassurance

  • One of our largest gas contractors now has printers installed on their vans so that you can receive your certificate as soon as your safety check is competed to give you immediate assurance that your home is safe.

We’re committed to ensuring that each of you are living in the right home for you and your family and your home is affordable to live in and run. Carrying out these safety checks is essential to keeping you safe and warm so please help us to help you by taking advantage of these improvements and letting us know if you can’t make any appointments.

Please remember, if life gets in the way – just let us know.


Click on the link below to find out more about how we're working to keep your home safe.



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