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It’s the turning of a new page on the annual calendar. January 2018 marks the start of a new year and as good excuse as any to hide those un-eaten chocolates in a bid to shed some excess pounds. There’ll be those of us who sign on the dotted line for a year-long membership at our local gym (knowing we probably won’t see a treadmill again beyond February), whilst for others it could be time for a detox from all that festive tipple we consumed as we enjoyed socialising with friends and family.

I’m guessing there will also be a few people who are taking this opportunity to reconsider their career choices. Did 2017 not live up to expectations or are you simply looking for a new challenge?

We’re looking for like-minded people to join Bromford to help inspire even more people to be their best.

Looking back

2017 proved to be quite a year for us. Our coaching approach, encouraging customers to use their home as a springboard to achieving their personal goals and aspirations, was fully rolled out which saw us recruit 60 new coaches externally as well as appointing more than 90 from our existing talent.

Our commitment to building new homes, supported living schemes and upgrading existing properties saw an influx of home maintenance engineers, surveyors, construction and sales professionals, which included a 30-strong team of kitchen and bathroom operatives and a bunch of new apprentices.

We’ve shared our plans of 2point0, our group-wide transformation programme, as a result of which we filled 50 new roles; creating a host of new opportunities for existing colleagues and welcoming even more new talent to the organisation.

Looking forward

Bromford is in great shape. Moody’s have confirmed our sector leading A1 credit rating for another year and when you couple this with the exciting news of our partnership with fellow housing association Merlin this puts us in great financial and organisation strength to create even more new homes, opportunities and relationships.

CEO Philippa often says “any organisation is really just a bunch of people” – and this is exactly what makes Bromford such a great place to work.

We were ranked by Glassdoor as the third best company to work for in the UK based on the quality, quantity and consistency of independent feedback received directly from our colleagues.

New year, new chapter

If, like me, you like the idea of working for an organisation whose objective is to inspire others, why not take the leap of faith in 2018?

 Visit our full list of vacancies here.

People person @Bromford. Using my passion for social and digital to promote, recruit and induct talented people. Fundraiser, music fan and follower of Wolves.

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