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Sarah Dixon joined Bromford as a sales consultant on 4 July 2017 and we recently managed to catch-up with her as she took a few minutes out from her busy schedule for a quick 'question and answer' session.

Hi Sarah, what is you background?

I've worked in the property industry for as long as I can remember. Most recently I was selling retirement living homes, and before that I sold houses in the USA. I've also worked in Portugal, training real estate agents in the art of matching the right buyer to the right home.

As a child we moved around a lot, I think I've moved house around 27 times so it's no wonder that I like being around house moves

What do you like about your job?

There's just something really special about helping someone to find their dream home. Buying a house is very often the biggest, most expensive investment that any of us will ever make… and that makes it potentially one of the most stressful time of our life too.

I love helping people to get on the property ladder and guiding them through the process from start to finish. It's wonderful seeing someone get the keys to their new home and knowing that you've helped them on their way.

Who are your customers?

First-time buyers and those looking to get themselves on the housing ladder are obviously attracted to shared ownership because of low deposits and the affordable nature of the homes available.

I also see an increasing amount of 40-50 year-olds who want to buy, but for a number of reasons are not able to buy on the open market. Having worked abroad, I've seen lots of people who lost everything when the property markets crashed. Some of these people are now in a position to buy again but, because of their age, might find it hard to get a large mortgage. Shared ownership is perfect for them as it allows them to get back on the housing ladder with a much smaller mortgage than they might expect.

Who else might shared ownership suit?

There's a whole group of people who could afford to buy that maybe don't even know about shared ownership. Professionals and people who have recently become single who are living in private rented accommodation that may be costing around £1,000 per month might feel that they're stuck in the renting market.

Why Bromford?        

Having worked in all aspects of selling homes, the one thing I've never been involved in is shared ownership. I think it's such a misunderstood concept and a brilliant product that can help many more people get on the housing ladder.

I suppose I just want to help spread the word and break down some of the barriers and misconceptions that surround shared ownership to help as many people as possible get the keys to their very own home.


Sarah works across 13 developments covering Bicester, Banbury, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. If you'd like to get in touch with her about any of our homes for sale in these areas you can email or call her on 07779 964327 (Thursday to Monday).

You can also keep up to date with everything she's up to by following her on Twitter @Sarah_Bromford  

If you think that shared ownership could be for you, why not take a look at all of our homes for sale here.

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