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Since joining Bromford in January 2016, Richard has discovered how important listening to our customers is to us. Read on to hear his thoughts…

When I first heard about the role of feedback advisor at Bromford I was really intrigued. As someone with a history of working in housing, I’ve never seen a dedicated team with the sole purpose of listening to a customer and having them tell us what we’re doing well, and inevitably, what we’re not very good at, so I thought I’d apply and see what it was all about.

I approached the interview with a combination of eagerness, wonder, and anticipation. How different could life at Bromford be compared to my previous experiences? What were they doing? Why are they doing this? Do they really care that much?

I was lucky enough to be offered the job and it quickly became clear to me that Bromford really do care. In previous places I worked, we would listen to customers if they contacted us, but we would never go looking for them to ask, "Hey, how are we doing?" and, "How can we put this right?"

I was really surprised at the amount of thought that goes into the questions we ask. We don’t just want to know about the good stuff. We need to hear about the times when we don’t deliver a good quality service. After all, without negative feedback, how can you ever evolve and improve?

Personally, I fully believe that people should strive to be their best and should never settle for mediocrity so it’s great to be part of a business that wants provide the best service for its customers to allow them to thrive in their homes and communities.

On average I speak to around 100 customers a week, so by my reckoning, I’ve had more 3,500 conversations since I started back in January. I’ve heard a mixture of stories but I’m really glad to say that the majority have been positive. One of the best parts of the job is hearing about a good service we’ve provided and how colleagues throughout the business are trying their hardest to help our customers be their best.

I’m so glad that I followed my instincts and applied for the job. It makes me feel proud to part of the team that sees first-hand how Bromford impacts customers’ lives. It’s a perfect fit for me as, just like Bromford, I’m always working on ways to improve.


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Feedback advisor for Bromford and loving it, passionate Wolverhampton Wanderers fan and gamer.

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