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In her latest post, Bromford colleague and regular blogger, Laura Moroney combines her passion for both romance and working with older people and shares this simple love story. 

This is about a couple who I adore being around and as you read on, you’ll see why…

On my latest visit to Mr and Mrs Fletcher I was welcomed by this warm spirited couple with open arms. I noticed the incredible art work all over the house last I visited but this time I really took it in. The second thing that catches my eye, is the stunning style and glamour of Mrs Fletcher, she is gleaming with a jovial aura surrounding her. I genuinely feel lucky to be invited into the presence of such a loving, inspirational couple.

Mrs Fletcher has been painting all her life and she also writes fictional stories including a completed children’s book. Having been diagnosed with arthritis about 20 years ago you might expect this to slow her down but Mrs Fletcher says: “this does not stop me.” I asked how she felt when she got the diagnosis and she replied “I knew it wouldn’t stop me”. She goes on to show me how she can still hold her pen solidly enough to continue her writing. Her works are hand-written and then every word is generously and lovingly typed by her supportive husband.

Mrs Fletcher’s inspiration for her art comes from the outdoors. The countryside and winter scenes are a very evident interest in her paintings. I found out today that she has sold her paintings all over the world!

Mrs F

Not only is the artistry and creativity flowing through this lady though but her husband too, is extremely talented. He is incredible at drawing and a gifted writer having had many short stories published in the past. His wife says: “I love his work”. Mr Fletcher is also a bit of a poet and as he crosses the room to retrieve his poetry his wife provides a helping hand to her husband. When he returns, and to my utter delight (as I am so soppy for romance) he displays a Valentine poem that he gave his wife about 12 years ago.

Not only does Mrs Fletcher live with arthritis but about 4 years ago she was also diagnosed with dementia.

“This does not stop me,” Mrs Fletcher says again proudly. She confidently explains, with a beautiful and infectious smile on her face that her husband is her official carer and he supports her physically, and with her creativity. When asked how he feels about being his wife’s official carer, he replies with a sense of strength and pride in his tone: “I love looking after her.” In light of this discussion Mrs Fletcher utters the most inspiration sentence in “we’re very lucky”, to which her husband responds playfully, “I don’t know who you’re comparing us to darling, but yes, we are.” He follows this by saying: “you could flop into despair but what’s the point?” This inspirational comment sums up the couple perfectly and is something that will stay with me forever.

They are both beaming by this point, whilst looking out at the birds in their garden and as if by a universal sign, the sun begins to peer through the clouds and pours into the room. This glowing, positive, admirable couple have, yet again, inspired me. They enable me to me to remember all the love in the world. Their strength both, individually and as a couple has, once again, taken my breath away.

Valentine poem

Mr F Drawing

Mrs Fletcher art


 Ducks Mrs F

South Cerney painting

South Cerney painting 2


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Soon to be neighbourhood coach and Bromford colleague blogger. "If you look at the path, you will not see the sky…”

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