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Daniel is a rock

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The Hub, based in Studley Village Hall is a safe place for adults with learning disabilities to meet and take part in various activities. Volunteers are vital to the success of the Hub and here, Bromford colleague, Trevor Underwood explains what a difference volunteering has made to Daniel’s life.

“Daniel came into the hub not long after we opened. He was very quiet, shy and withdrawn at first and he had to be persuaded to discuss anything. He had aspirations of doing some form of work but was very unsure of himself and lacked confidence.

“He came in most days for a chat and after a while he started to open up. During one conversation he explained he had lost his mum and aunt and was living with friends. He found it difficult to talk about his past but over time this has become a little easier.

“We had an official opening about a month later and Daniel was persuaded along to help on the day. He was asked to show people around, give gifts to the dignitaries and announce to the guests that a display was going to start and to follow him. His personality emerged on the day and he performed his duty perfectly and with confidence and professionalism.

"He even appeared in the opening YouTube video and had quite a lengthy conversation with one of our company directors, John Wade – leading to him becoming a bit of a social media star!

“On that day he went from being a shy introvert to a confident, forthcoming and cheerful guy. Following the opening, we had a discussion about Daniel becoming a volunteer at the Hub which he was surprised at, and didn’t know if he was good enough. I persuaded him that he certainly was good enough and had all the attributes needed to be a fabulous member of the team.

 Daniel became the Hubs first volunteer.Hub Dan 1

“Members of the community, including parish councillors who have known him for years have said what a changed person he was after the opening. His demeanour changed and he was walking around with his head held high. 

“Daniel is so helpful, and champions the Hub around the area. He also attends courses to improve his ability to get into work and is often the first face new members see.

"Since he started volunteering, his whole life has changed; he is positive about the future and wants to make his life better. He does sometimes doubt himself but he has the determination to overcome this. He is a rock, comforting members who are down and making them smile, he is the master of his success and a role model for other people with a learning disability."

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