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Our worst nightmare

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During Dementia Awareness Week Bromford colleague, Lesley Castle shares a few words to show how her mum's dementia diagnosis was probably her families worst nightmare.

Dementia holding handsMy mum, Elaine was diagnosed with dementia 18 months ago and as a very close and loving family this was probably our worst nightmare.

Watching someone you love slowly slip away is sole destroying but we had to keep strong for our dad who could not cope with what was happening.

Our fight to try and keep her at home ended a few months ago and with the help of the family doctor and social services mum is now settled and in a care home, The care she is receiving is absolutely wonderful; we can not praise the staff enough.

We take great comfort in knowing that we did the right thing as mum could not have stayed at home and we could not have given her the care she needed.

Dementia is a terrible disease and although she does not always recognise us and can no longer hold a conversation, we know that she is still with us.