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My distant friend that was!

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As many of us attempt to stick to a whole host of New Year resolutions it seems a fitting time to post this poem that has been written by one our customers.

Having broken free from using alcohol she is very keen to get her message out there, especially if it helps someone else who is going through a similar experience.


To my distant friend that was!


I am writing this to say goodbye.

Yes, we had some good times but the bad outweighed all those.


You changed me into a totally different person, someone as time went by

that people disliked - My self esteem you destroyed, my confidence you

shattered, my self worth you took from me until I disliked myself and

then you turned that into hate.


I abandoned the ones I loved the most for you, and what did I get back?

Nothing but disaster, you made me lie to my daughters but most of all

myself. I lost all sense of what I was doing to those I loved, you took

over my life and was always hiding in every room, a cupboard, under

the bed wherever I could put you - But no more - I have had enough and

don't want or need you in my life anymore.


You are the poison now not me.

 I was just existing, not living, and you will not take over my life again.

 This is closure at last, yes you will always be there but in the distance -

But never close enough to be in my life again.


Eventually you will become a distant memory in a safe place - put away.

 The one and only good thing about you is that you bought me here to the

BAC and for that I am grateful and 155 days today dry!



 I was the poison you were the antidote.

 Now roles are reversed.


 A poem by Lynn