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Introducing #BromBox

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With Bromford's customer annual review around the corner, we've decided to take a different approach to gathering customer feedback. Thom Bartley, Project Co-Ordinator for Brombox, explains how customers can use the innovative blog-site to share their experiences of our services, while helping us to crowd source real stories.

BromBox is a new project by Bromford that encourages and enables our customers to share their stories, in their voices, in whatever way they want to share them.

As of today BromBox will go live for two weeks and during this period you can contribute to the project by heading over to and submitting your stories. We’ll take these stories and then put them up on the site so they can be shared with the wider BromBox and Bromford communities. After the two week period is finished we’ll use the stories to help craft this years Customer Annual Review.

BromBoxHow you contribute is totally up to you. You can type up a blog, jot down a story, make a photo montage, record a video or give us a ring. You can submit online via either the site or by email or alternatively you can send me your stories through the post. There is no limit on creativity. You can contribute in whatever way you would like to with no restrictions.

In the past customers have asked us who decides what stories we put out or have asked us why we haven’t focused on their area, service or issue and therefore we have decided to put this years annual review firmly in the hands of the customer. By allowing customers to submit content we are ensuring that every single one of you who wish to have a voice have the ability to get involved and be heard.

Take a look at our frequently asked questions page which will hopefully answer any questions you may have but if you think of anything we haven’t covered or just want to find out a bit more about how you can get involved then please send us an email at


Taking it Step by Step: How to submit to BromBox

There are a few different ways that you can get your stories to us here at BromBox. Below are step by step instructions for each method.

1. Use the submit button on the website.

-   On the left hand side of the site click the submit button.

-   Click the drop down box and click text, photo, link, quote or video depending on what kind of content you are submitting.

-   Add your name and email address. We need this so that we can verify you are Bromford customers, we will not share your email address with anyone.

-   Add a title and some text into the body section to explain what your submission is all about.

-   Click the tick box to accept the terms and conditions.

-   Click submit! That’s it. Once you submit your content it will come through to us. We’ll then get it and put it up on the site.

2. Email your submission to us at

3. Post your submission to BromBox, 1 Exchange Court, Brabourne Avenue, Wolverhampton WV4 6QL

If you have any issues with submitting content then please give us an email at and we will help you get your story to us.